Yana Rudkovskaya became the face of OLAY Total Effects

Yana Rudkovskaya became the face of OLAY Total EffectsBeautiful, famous, successful - all of these adjectives apply equally to Yana Rudkovskaya. She, like many women in our country, lives a very busy life, which is a scarce resource. Career, family, work, friends... How to do everything, and thus look your best?Yana Rudkovskaya has a secret of youth and beauty. Jan met with the OLAY brand products many years ago: "I loved OLAY even before its appearance in Russia, then I bought these tools in Europe and America," says Jan.Choosing OLAY Total Effects, Yana Rudkovskaya argues not only as a consumer of cosmetic products, but also as a specialist in skin care. Dermatologist by profession, she has achieved success in business, founding a network of cosmetic clinics. Читать полностью -->

In Cannes awarded the prize for the best performance dog role

In Cannes awarded the prize for the best performance dog roleDog breed boxer named Boss won a prize at the 63rd Cannes film festival for the best performance dog role. He was involved in the shooting have received laudatory reviews of the film by British Director Stephen Frears ' "Tamara drew".As ITAR-TASS, the film participated in the competition program of the festival. The boss walked around the Irish wolfhound from the film of American Director Ridley Scott's "Robin hood".In its decision, the jury noted that "the Boss, which is a key character tape Frears, brilliantly played his role". Source: Cannes awarded the prize for the best performance dog role. . . Читать полностью -->

Fat girls who have achieved success in show business

Fat girls who have achieved success in show business Attractiveness and success - completeness is not a hindrance. Before you ten very successful famous women who have no war with overweight...MIA Tyler"With that face you will meet with success in Italy, consoled the young mother MIA about excess weight. - Learn Italian and go to Rome, where you will be calling Lunar beauty". Now 30-year-old MIA, the sister of Liv Tyler, not upset about the extra pounds. In her body she feels great and says with smile: "My figure is natural, so beautiful." In 2003, MIA was married to David Buckner, the drummer of the band Papa Roach in concert band Aerosmith in one of the casinos of Las Vegas. "Hey, Vegas, my daughter going to get married today. Читать полностью -->

Nightmarish images of celebrities

Nightmarish images of celebrities Sometimes the life of stars is not to be envied. It would seem that they have everything that you need for happiness, but the nasty paparazzi and then ruin their lives.Poor guy stars and cannot step to do to not get in the forehead with a bright flash. That's how they live under the gun cameras, regularly finding in the press nightmarish favorite photos of yourself in the most inappropriate way. Today we offer you to look at celebrities, picking his nose. Spectacle, to put it mildly unsightly. Source: Nightmarish images of celebrities . Читать полностью -->

Son Vyacheslav Bykov was insane

Son Vyacheslav Bykov was insaneIn the case of murder of the student committed less than a year ago in Kuskovo Park, opened new details. One of the two accused, the son of actor Vyacheslav Bykov, the author of the hit "my love" and "God", the doctors found insane.As have informed in Investigatory management SKP across Moscow, a medical examination of a 17-year-old Artem Bykov was conducted in the center for forensic psychiatry. Serbian. According to doctors, the disease occurred in young men after the crime. Medical report asked the lawyer of the accused, now he insists on a re-examination in another hospital.Recall that late in the evening of October 6, 2009 in Kuskovo Park in the East of the capital, two young men attacked the girl and boy students of the Moscow state humanitarian University. Student Timothy Jones, a native of Valdai, could not resist the criminals, however, diverted their attention, allowing her companion, Julia Podelnikov, to escape.The attackers struck Sidorov about 48 stab wounds. Читать полностью -->

Lithuanian Prime Minister will make a vacation on the bike

Lithuanian Prime Minister will make a vacation on the bikePrime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius and his wife will spend your vacation, traveling on bicycles, BNS reported.Officially, the Lithuanian Premier vacation will start on 26 July 2010, but on the bike it will sit for a week before - Kubilius will take part in the bike ride on Belarus.According to the press Secretary of the Kubilius Yards Paukstiene, during the race, the Prime Minister will visit Nesvizh and Lida, and also will hold meetings with representatives of the Belarusian authorities. Will these representatives also participate in the bike ride, not specified. From July 26 Kubilius will travel by bike in Germany. The rest of the Lithuanian premiere will run until August 23.Other members of the government of Lithuania will hold its vacation less sporty. In particular, the speaker now Irena Degutiene intends to relax in his mansion in the molД—tai district. President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite your holiday is not yet planned out. Читать полностью -->

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